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EMF Medical Conference

Diagnosis and Treatment:
Effects of Electromagnetic Field Exposure

This conference builds upon the success and momentum built from the EMFC 2019 event, the first of its kind conference in the USA that featured global leading experts in the EMF field. The planet is increasingly being polluted by the multitude of human-made EMF sources, terrestrially and by satellite, causing rising levels of EMF in the atmosphere and creating chronic “electrosmog”conditions that exponentially increase health risk. A new generation of wireless technologies, 5th Generation Wireless and the Internet of Things, is being installed with no prior safety testing. Many scientists and medical doctors are warning of a growing public health crisis. The time is now for medical practitioners to become more educated on how electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect human health, and to learn how to recognize, evaluate, diagnose and treat their patients who are reporting adverse health problems known to be related to EMF exposure.




Here are the videos of the speaker presentations made at a Public Forum held in Tucson, Arizona, USA, on November 17, 2018, called 5th Generation Wireless: Technological Revolution or Pandora’s Box, sponsored by Electromagnetic Safety Alliance and Pima County 5G Awareness Coalition. For more information on the program and the speakers, scroll past the five videos.

5th Generation Wireless Forum 1-Kelley

5th Generation Wireless Forum 2-Pall

5th Generation Wireless Forum 3-Schoechle

5th Generation Wireless Forum 4-Windeim

5th Generation Wireless Forum 5-Q&A and Call to Action


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